Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reaper's Bones Kickstarter Recieved!

I just got my expansive set of miniatures from backing the second Reaper's Bones Kickstarter with only $200. Here are some pictures of everything unboxed. I was starting to set up the miniatures, but then more and more plastic monsters kept pouring forth from bag after bag, overwhelming me. So I just poured them into a great pile in front. Enjoy the photos!

Edit: I've gotten a lot of traffic here through this post, so let me say thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll stick around and come back for more. I have a long running magic item series for both Magic Armor and Magic Weapons. I also do different maps, encounters, and crafts. Come and check back once life settles down on my end, as I get around to assembling and painting these minis.

My thoughts at this point, "I thought there'd be more than this." Little did I know...

Nothing broken or badly cast as far as I could see. Some bending, but that's to be expected and nothing a quick hot-water bath won't fix.

Some of the bigger monsters pieces fit well enough together that they would hold just after slotting them together.

"Grumble Grumble Grumble, I'm not painted yet."
Calm down, I'll put the link right here when I start doing some painting.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Here's a short collection of fictional quotes around a concept/setting I had a little while back.

“The first oath is always the hardest. To go from an unfettered, free sky of choice to the narrow dungeon of binding words. Most waste theirs on simple promises before they have seen barely a half dozen winters. Sadly, they are too young to remember what they lost.”

-Jacob the Unbound, First Oathbreaker. Broken and Free. 1:14.

“Narrower and narrower are we squeezed, pressed down into the molds of our words. Ever more do oaths constrain us, tie us down, and push inward on our inner pastures of free choice.” 
-Broken and Free. 3:4

“Statues were first conceived to mimic their timeless grace, but without the sadness.” 
-A Brief History of Sculpture

“The subject of us ‘first men’ is often brought up. It is usually followed by discussions of our perfect nature. It is said that we would not lie, but the truth is far worse. We could not lie, we were well and truly incapable of it.” 
-The First Man, Ian Larring-Mosk, Freed Scholar

“Oath-by-oath, they built up their own prisons. Only when it was too late to correct did they finally realize their mistakes. Tiny promises and kind endearments turned to leaden weights and binding, unseen shackles. Eventually, they became immobilized and timeless; even dying would make them liars.”
-Jacob the Unbound's private missives.

“It would not do to simple lengthen the chain of a slave nor to widen the confines of a prisoner’s cell. Similarly, Oathbreakers are sworn, in the only vow we may ever swear, to true freedom. We strike at the root of slavery, rather than its limbs and branches." 
-Broken and Freed, a foreword by Jacob the Unbound.

“Not to masters nor merchants, lovers nor friends, no promise shall escape my lips. To chains and oaths, I set my rage. Sworn once, Oathbreaker. Sworn twice, Oathbreaker. Sworn thrice, Oathbreaker, never to swear again. I am chained so others be freed. Until this is the last Oath, this is my creed.” 
-Oathbreaker’s Creed

“Oaths can be broken, promises can be unmet, and treaties can be torn; but, these are not the true aim of an Oathbreaker. We must reach back, to find the First Oath that the afflicted have sworn, unravel their bindings from the inside out. Once known, oaths are not over difficult to break. Your training to follow will guide you in our methods of searching, investigating, and intuiting.” 
-Of Beloved Chains: An Oathbreaker’s Manual. Opening Paragraph. Ian Larring-Mosk

“Near as I can surmise, this poor bastard’s First Oath was to a girl he loved as a child to stay free. You’re telling me that her First Oath was the same to him? If we break one promise, we’d just be fulfilling the other." "..." "We might need some help untangling this one.”

-Nar Weaver to Elizabeth Ross, Oathbreaker Rookies

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lazy Linx

I was working on my entry for the One Page Dungeon contest, but got sidelined by the open call for adventure designers. I doubt I’ve got the chops or the background to succeed, but I’ll be damned if I will let this opportunity for practice pass me by.

While I work on these larger projects, go ahead and enjoy this compilation of links to some of my fellow bloggers, with a short snippet of what I enjoy most about them. If you read other blogs or sites with solid content, or write one, let me know in the comments or a direct email/message. I am always on the look out for more stuff to read!

5eGrognard: This grognard is a newer blogger, but he has been converting monsters and magic up to 5e from older generations of D&D, something that I appreciate as I only got into D&D with 3.5e. He's also been toying with some rules variants that I'm enjoying, namely, lingering injuries.
False Machine: I steal the creative juices pouring forth from every digital pore of this blog. It has crazy good ideas, although they tend to be on the vaguely-insane or dark side of things (my favorite!). He is the source of my SAVAGES post.
Goblin Punch: Arnold does an amazing job with variant rules, variant races, and variant everything. His series on the secret, illuminati style backgrounds of the various demi-humans is reason enough to follow.
Hack & Slash: Courtney has written so much about the crucial elements of Game Master'ing that have helped me improve. This includes everything from player agency and the quantum ogre, to dungeon design and creating interesting NPC’s. In addition, he's got an extensive series on the random generation of rooms, treasures, NPC's, and so much more. His PDF on the Non-Player Character (not free, sorry) is solid gold.

Monster Manual Sewn from Pants: This blog started as a place to showcase the entire monster manual sewn from bits of cloth and has turned into a gold mine of weird and insane ideas (again, my favorite kind).

Rendered Press: Unfortunately, this blog is on hiatus currently, but just looking through the backlog there are so many posts of useful creative fluff, not the least of which are his series of entries for the Petty Gods compendium.
Rotten Pulp: What sold me originally was his reworking of an item tracking sheet, but I stayed for the Negadungeons and Follower morale variants.
Surf Archer: If you're weird(er than a normal D&D blog reader) and like math way too much, this blog runs through an analysis of the numbers to tease out a formula for creating your own monsters and adventures along 5e standards. This is coming from a guy that enjoys tracking my budgets in excel, but the math that goes into these analyses is seriously intense and polished.

Ten Foot Polemic: Cool dungeons, fun rules variants, and great random tables of things lie here. I blatantly stole a bunch of the houserules from his houserules document.

Monster Hunter Nation: The setting, characters, and intrigue of Larry's stories are an amazing look into oriental adventure settings. It is a write-up of what happens during a monthly game of Legend of Five Rings (I don't know the game but the story series makes me want to try it).

Friday, February 20, 2015

Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part XV)

This post will conclude my series on wondrous magic items, I can't believe we are already at the end of my long list of brainstormed magic items. If you want to see more magic items, check out my previous two series on Magic Armor, Magic Weapons, or wait until I begin my Disposable Magic Items series next! I have to say I had the most fun on this series out of the three because I can be more random with my effects and cliches than I could on things that still have to be considered weapons or armor. I can only imagine what insanity will come up with magic items that don't even need to be permanent...

The previous 20 are right here, Part XIV. Check out my other posts here, and let me know what you think with a comment, +1, or on a post on your own blog.

Vainglory Mirror      8000

This hand-held oak bordered mirror appears to be a Wise Mirror, but it specializes in giving false answers and false encouragement. If it is asked a question with the “Mirror Mirror...” command word of its cousin, it gives whichever answer will cause the most problems for the user, giving the right answer to hide its true nature when necessary. One who knows it for a Vainglory Mirror can turn these powers upon their foes with the phrase “Who is the greatest of them all?” The mirror will reply coldly with a phrase describing the targeted foe with a subtle backhanded compliment. The foe must make a Wisdom save (DC 15) or be unable to notice any damage they receive for the next 2d6 rounds, seeing those attacks as near misses or successfully avoided. The mirror can only be used once each combat in this manner.

Valkyrie Helm 6000

This full helm is adorned with a pair of large, silver wings that arc up and back. As part of the wearer’s attack action, they may move up to 10 feet in any style of movement in which they have a movement speed. Their attack(s) may take place at any point along this movement. Any healing performed on the wearer while they are below 3 hit points is doubled. If the wearer dies in battle wearing this helm, their soul is rumored to be automatically allowed access to a warrior god’s afterlife if they so desire.

Vein-sight Goggles   6000

The Vein-sight Goggles allow their wearer to see through solid material as if it were foggy glass to a limit of 60 feet. The leather-strapped Vein-sight Goggles have solid metal lenses and faint etchings on the lens’ faces. The goggles provide penetrating vision but pure metals are completely opaque to them, while less pure metals are visible as proportionally opaque glass. It is hard to distinguish non-metals seen in this way, with the user taking a -10 penalty to perception skill checks related to non-metals. Using these for more than 5 minutes in a day requires a Constitution check (DC 5 + minutes used) or the user becomes nauseous for 1d6 minutes and some of their hair falls out.
Vibrant Purple Ioun Stone 15000
A bright, royal purple, three-pointed-crown-shaped stone circles spins just above its users head. The user can store up to three spell levels worth of spell or spell-like abilities in this crown as a free action. Calling the magic back out requires the normal action it would require to use that ability and it is done using the ability modifiers of the creature that stored it.

Volcanic Staff    7500

This ashen staff smouldering with lines of fire grants a bonus spell slot of the highest spell level a creature can cast for as long as it is on fire, this ability can only grant up to one bonus spell slot each day. Spellcasters may use this staff to cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell level: Burning Hands, Scorching Ray, Fireball, and Wall of Fire. The wielder of this staff has resistance to normal fire damage and heat related effects. Fire spells they cast against creatures with resistance or immunity to fire deal 1 damage per damage die that ignores that resistance.

Wand of Binding     3000

This black wand is tipped at one end with a white knob and adorned with a single black buttons. The Wand of Binding creates a stringed connection between any two surfaces it touches while the button is pressed. This string follows the path of the wand tip, as straight or winding as the wearer makes it, to the final surface it is touched against. The surface bond can only hold up to 100 pounds while the rope itself acts as mundane silk rope. Only 100 feet of ‘rope’ can be created with one activation. Touching the wand again to a surface bond breaks the bond and tapping it thrice upon one of its own ropes dispels the rope.

Wand of Enemy Detection 300

When the owner’s adrenaline kicks in at the start of combat, they can call upon the magic in this segmented steel wand to push them slightly faster, gaining +1d8 to their initiative roll for that combat. This wand can be uses three times each day and need only be in contact with its owners skin. Creatures without a discernable biology gain no benefit from this wand.

Wand of Magic Missiles 500

A Wand of Magic Missiles is a sleek silver wand topped with a pointed, marquise-cut amethyst. Squeezing its handle is enough for it to send out a burst of pure magical force at the target it is pointed at. This functions as a Magic Missile spell for one bolt of 1d4+1 force damage. The wand can be activated up to seven times each day as an action.

Wand of the Battle-Medic  300

A Wand of the Battle-Medic is an ivory rod topped with an oval-cut ruby. Squeezing its soft, white cotton handle and touching it to a creature’s wound causes healing energy to flow forth. This functions as a Cure Wounds spell for 1d6+2 points of healing up to three times each day. Even after this magic is exhausted, the wand still provides a soothing pain-killing effect granting a +2 bonus to any healing checks.

Wand of The Generous Host   200

A Wand of the Generous Host is a two tined golden fork with a round-cut sapphire pommel. Sticking this wand into a ration worth of food, multiplies it into an additional 1d4 rations of the same type, as the wand user is able to distribute additional portions without diminishing the original ration. This effect can only be activated twice each day.

War Rune 12000

This flat, golden badge about the size of a deck of cards can be affixed by a sharp pin or metal rivet to ones armor or clothes. The War Rune allows its owner to turn their spells and spell-like abilities into a bonus towards their combat prowess. Expending a spell grants +1d8 temporary hit points and +1 attack and damage on weapons per spell level of the spell expended. The channeled magical energy also increases the non-magical component of their armor class to a minimum of 10 + the spell level. This effect lasts for one round per level of the spell or equivalent magic effect expended. Channeling the magical energies requires as long as the magical effect itself would require to activate. The wearer may also channel any non-harmful ongoing enchantment’s energies into the War Rune as a free action, dispelling the effect and empowering the wearer.

Warning Glyph  1800

Slathering any substance that remains legible once dry on this marble stamp allows it to place a magical rune to warn of intruders. Up to three stamps can exist at any one time, with newer stamps replacing older ones after this limit is reached. Placing a stamp creates a warded 30 foot radius circle, that triggers a loud cacophony of bird noises that can be heard up to 500 feet away for 1 minute if any creature enters  the circle. Creatures that were touching the Warning Glyph as it placed the stamp are ignored by the warning magics. These stamps last until they are illegible, replaced by newer stamps, or for one month, whichever comes first. If additional stamps are placed adjacent to or overlapping the first, their magic combines to create a single, more powerful warning enchantment. With two stamps, the radius increases to 60 feet, the cacophony of birds can be heard as far away as 1000 feet, and the warning magic is automatically triggered if the glyph is destroyed. With all three stamps placed together, the radius of the circle further increases to 120 feet, the circle’s list of ignored creatures can be modified with a touch, and the warning also alerts the Warning Glyph holder telepathically of the intruder.


Watch Owl      1000

This stuffed owl will clamp down on any suitably sized perch it is placed on and watch for suspicious activity. With a beige dial set in the back of its head, the Watch Owl can be set to different sensitivities at which it will begin to loudly *Hoot*. These sizes include inanimate objects as well as creatures: tiny, small, medium, or large. The Watch Owl looks for any movement of the set size or large, as a passive perception of 15, with darkvision out to 60 feet in a 180 degree arc in front of it. If it sees any movement, it hoots loudly for a minute or until its head is softly stroked, calming it.

Water Djinn's Ewer    9000

This pure sapphire ewer is capped by an ornate crystal stopper. The Water Djinn’s Ewer sloshes with clear blue water. With its lid turned open, it can be poured forth endlessly, creating as little as a pint of water each round to as much as a high pressure blast of 10 gallons each round. This is approximately 10 cubic feet of water each minute. The blast of this water strikes a 30 foot line each round for 1d6 nonlethal damage and pushes those creatures back 5 feet unless they succeed in a Strength save (DC 14).

Watersight Ring      3500

The Watersight Ring is a wide, smoked-quartz band that sizes itself to fit on a creature’s largest finger. The wearer of this ring can see underwater as if they were under clear and sunny skies. When deep underwater, the ring also provides darkvision out to 60 feet. This ring also removes any visibility penalty in muddy or obscured waters and liquids treating total concealment as concealment and concealment as normal vision.

Weather Vane   1000

Holding this flat, metal, bird-shaped Weather Vane at least twenty feet from the ground outdoors allows the user to forecast the weather. The user becomes aware of the weather up to three days ahead, with a 20% chance of misreading the divination magic, giving an incorrect prediction.

Whiptail Hairband   500

Attaching this metal-beaded length of horse-hair to one’s hair allows them to make whipping attacks as a free action. The wearer of the Whiptail Hairband may make an attack with their magically lengthening hair against a foe within 15 feet. This attack automatically hits a foe and deals 1 non-lethal damage.

Winged Boots   5000

White feathers adorns the ankles of the white, leather Winged Boots. Any flying or flights effects the wearer has have improved maneuverability, increasing by one step: clumsy, poor, average, good, perfect. Additionally, the wearer may fly with poor maneuverability with a speed of 60 feet for 10 minutes each day. When the entirety of this duration is used, the boots no longer contribute to the wearer’s improved maneuverability.   

Wise Mirror     2500

An item mirroring children’s tales, this oak bordered hand mirror must be activated by saying “Mirror, Mirror on the wall…”. Following this activation, the user can ask the mirror a yes or no question that an Augury spell could answer. It has a 20% chance of not being able to answer that question, instead making a sarcastic or insulting comment. Each day, it may be used continuously until it fails to give an answer, after which it will answer no further questions and merely gives sarcastic replies.

Ysgaxil’s Curious Antidote 12000

Inside this glass phial lies a sleeping, bulbous leech about the size and rough shape of a human foot. Attaching Ysgaxil’s Curious Antidote to ones flesh allows a creature with spells or spell-like abilities to expend the associated magical energies to gain temporary mutations. Expending a spell allows the user to gain a number of random mutations. The leech bulges and gulps down this released magical energy, vomiting back scurrying growths of flesh back into the host that become mutations. The user rolls for as many mutations as levels of the expended spell. From this selection, the user must take half of these mutations (rounded up). These mutations last for as many minutes as the number of levels on the expended spell. Activating this effect takes as long as the expended spell or spell-like ability would take to cast. Additionally, any ongoing magical enchantments affecting the wearer can be fed to Ysgaxil’s Curious Antidote. If that effect had a save associated with it, the user must pass a saving throw against that spell, with advantage, in order to feed the magical energies to the leech.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part XIV)

It's been a few days since I've posted any magic items, but here are another twenty magical toys. The previous twenty are in Part XIII.

Also, I only have one more set of twenty items before I complete the series! Let me know in the comments below what you'd like to see next. A disposable magic items series? More encounters/hexes? Me actually working on my DM Toolbelt program?  More reviews? More miniatures/crafting? More philosophy?

Sword-maiden’s Pommel  150

Affixing this flat whetstone on a chain to the handle of any weapon allows that weapon to be resharpened and maintained as a free action, twice each day. This removes any weapon notching and all minor damage.

Tectonic Staff   7500

An earth based staff made from a broken stalagmite. When walking on unworked stone, it ‘sticks’ slightly on the stone and if left alone it stands freely, blending in. Grants a bonus spell slot of the second highest spell slot the wielder can cast while they are underground. Wielder can cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell: Shield, Spider Climb, Meld Into Stone, and Stone Shape. Additionally, the wearer is extremely stable and cannot be knocked down. They may cast spells while prone with no penalty.

Telelocuters Boots 70000

Fuzzy, furred slippers increase the range of any teleportation effect the wearer uses but are designed for puttering about ones home. Telelocuter’s Boots allow the wearer to teleport as Dimension Door as a free action, teleporting up to half their base land speed. The wearer cannot dash or run in these boots. For one round following a teleportation effect, the wearer phases in an out of reality, granting a 20% miss chance against any effect that would not work on an incorporeal creature.

The Censure 6500

Smoking incense inside this hollow metal ball hanging from a thin chain puts out thick, choking fumes from its pursed-mouth shaped holes.  All spellcasting done within 100 feet of the burning smoke of The Censure requires a spellcasting check, otherwise the spell is lost. Casting spells inside this smokey radius is akin to casting spells standing in tar.

Thief's Bell     3000

Thief's Bells adorn small leather cat-collars that are worn on the wrist. Striking the bell casts Knock as the spell. Instead, if the wearer taps the bell against an unlocked door or opening, it casts Hold Portal as the spell. No matter which effect, the Thief’s Bell can only be used at total of three times a day. Pets and domesticated animals are initially one step friendlier towards the wearer.

Thief’s Ring of Tools 1200

This ring has, nested inside, all the tools a thief needs for picking locks and working with other small, mechanical devices. Such skill checks are made with a +2 tool bonus. While closed, it is indistinguishable from a normal ring except for a minor magical aura. Twisting the ring in a certain manner opens it.

Thieves Compass 7500

This compass, instead of pointing to the north or any geographic orientation, aims towards the location of what the user wants to find most. The more familiar they are with what they hope to find, the more accurate the Thieves Compass is, as the Locate Object spell.

Third Eye  7000

A thin, steel chain, worn about the head, holds a hemisphere of pearl bearing a flat onyx gem to the middle of the forehead. It transforms to appear as another eye of its attuned wearer. The Third Eye grants its wearer advantage on sight-based skill checks and a +2 bonus on skill checks where improved sight is helpful. Additionally, the wearer of the Third Eye may astral project as an action, taking on an invisible, ethereal spirit form while leaving a helpless body behind, for up to 10 rounds each day. After using up all this time, the wearer is instantly returned to their body and the Third Eye closes, offering none of its benefits for the rest of the day. The user dies if either their body or their spirit is killed.

Tinkerer's Staff 4000

This staff made of bronze gears, tin pipes, and steel wire stands almost 4 feet tall, topped by a panoply of adjustable magnifying glasses. A Tinkerer’s Staff resonates with objects its wearer has made, granting a bonus spell slot of the second highest available to the wielder if they are wearing or wielding at least 4000 SP worth of items they have personally crafted. A spellcaster may also use this staff to cast the following spells using an equivalent level or higher spell: Mending,Tenser’s Floating Orb, or Shatter. Finally, the wielder of this staff is granted many insights into the reuse of scraps and can reuse 5% of the cost of crafting as material for another project.

Titan's Maul    25000

This massive stone maul is a large sized, +2 Maul, and cannot even be lifted by creatures with 18 or less Strength. A Titan’s Maul, upon striking unworked earth or stone allows its wielder to cast Move Earth or Stoneshape at will. Additionally, smashing the maul into a structure forces it to make a save (DC 20+STR) or crumble. Structures receive a bonus to this save for how large they are: bonus of +2 times the square root of the building’s volume in ten foot cubes. It also receives a bonus or penalty depending on the materials, its current state of damage, and its craftsmanship, per the DM. Each day, the Titan’s Maul can keep destroying structures until a structure succeeds on this saving throw. Even if the structure is successful on this save, it still takes triple damage from the maul’s blows. The wielder can choose to smash a single part of a large, complex structure separately.

Tome of the Stilled Tongue     8000

A dead, red tongue is nailed to the cover of this hide-bound tome. This spellbook can hold up to 200 pages of spells, with each spell taking up pages equal to its spell level. If a dead creatures tongue is removed and used to replace the tongue on the front cover, some of that creature’s magical knowledge is transferred onto empty pages. One random spell of each level from that creature’s pool of un-cast spells is copied into empty pages of the book, from the highest down to the lowest level, stopping if there are no remaining pages. These spells are written in the creature’s blood and can be copied and studied or cast as a scroll. Once a spell has been used, it is gone forever. The tongue stops writhing once all its spells have been used.  

Tongue Tie     700

A Tongue Tie is a long wicker tube, about the size of two fingers side-by-side. Placed around a helpless creature’s tongue, that creature loses its ability to speak. It can only be removed with a password chosen when it is placed, removing the tongue, or by carefully destroying the Tongue Tie with a Dexterity check (DC 18). Failure on that check results in injury to the tongue and the tie, while critical failure harms the tongue without damaging the tie.

Torturer's Pipes      10500

Formed from the bones of children that died painful deaths, the short white panflute, Torturer’s Pipes, bring pain and fear to all that hear them played. When played as a move action, every other creature within 90 feet of the player takes 1d6 nonlethal damage each round and a -1 pain penalty to all rolls. The music itself is silent, but creatures can hear it in their bones, where it feels as if children are scraping out from the inside with their nails. The effect lasts as long as the player continues to play and for a number of rounds after equal to their Charisma modifier. The drums can be played twice each day plus one more time for each point of Charisma modifier the player has.

Traveler's Staff 3000

A Traveler’s Staff is a sturdy walking stick of exotic wood, well worn with use and oiled to a fine sheen from countless hands holding it. A spellcaster gains an additional spell slot of the second highest level they can cast if they are in a kingdom or region in which they do not have their permanent residence. A spellcaster may expend a spell of equivalent or higher level to cast the following spells: Guidance, Longstrider, and Cure Wounds. The wielder of the Traveler’s Staff is more comfortable in a camp, +1 comfort, and can hustle and march for twice as long between Constitution checks.

Trickster's Last Resort   14000

A single, cast-iron lock hangs open on a thick metal chain. Once snapped shut, the Trickster’s Last Resort will reincarnate its wearer upon their next death. If the wearer does not die within the next 3 rounds, the Trickster’s Last Resort kills them instantly, no save. Following their death, they are reincarnated in a random tavern with the same race and stats, but with a completely different look. Additionally, their items are teleported to this new body while leaving behind false copies of their possessions with fake magical auras where necessary. The new body has the Trickster’s Last Resort locked firmly around its heart inside its body. It cannot be retrieved without killing its host, but can be reused once retrieved.

Trickster's Vest       4000

The multi-pocketed travel-vest has, distributed among a few of its pockets many pockets, 5 small metal cubes. Thrown forth from the Trickster’s Vest as an action, the blank cubes create illusory effects desired by the wearer. Cubes can create an effect along the lines of what a Minor Illusion, Disguise Self, or Silent Image spell could. When these effects end a cube reappears in its pocket in the vest. Illusion effects are laced with subtle charms. When the actions of one creature would cause the instant disbelief of another creature in the wearer’s illusions, instead that second creature only gets a save against the illusion with advantage.

True Seeing Gem    80000

Staring through the flat, diamond prism roughly the size of a fist, a True Seeing Gem reveals the true nature of all it sees. It acts as a continuous True Seeing effect when looked through. Affixed to a helm, the effect is continuous for its wearer. Placed in a lit lantern, it reveals all illusions and makes visible all creatures within its light.

Turtle Cloak    9500

A Turtle Cloak is a thick, green cloak patterned with golden thread in a hollow hexagon pattern. When the cloak is drawn up around its wearer and up to one creature of the same size, it becomes a large, watertight turtle shell protecting them from harm and granting total cover. It just large enough to fit its wearer comfortably or two creatures of the wearer’s size by squeezing. The shell can absorb 100 hit points of damage before failing, and it regenerates 50 hit points each day. The cloak can be pulled up and drawn down as an action. While the Turtle Cloak has any hit points remaining, its wearer is protected by a +2 bonus to AC against attacks made with advantage.

Underworld Compass     500

This sphere of rusty iron is made from three notched and marked perpendicular circles. The Underworld Compass floats its internal pointer completely level relative to the center of the world, and allows its user to calculate their position and direction in three dimensions.

Underworld Tunneler      100000

An Underworld Tunneler is a giant metal crab the size of a small barn that tunnels through earth and stone. Standing over 10 feet tall, its disc-like body can comfortably fit up to a dozen medium sized creatures in its three rooms. A room at the front houses its controls and view-port. It’s large central room has controls on either side for tool and grasping arms and interlocked ports for retrieving grabbed objects. The small entry room is sectioned off from the central room by a steel door and the outside by a steel trap door, with a small wheeled gear that can be turned to extend a ladder down up to 20 feet. The tunneler digs with its giant claws, giving it a burrowing speed of 40 feet. It’s normal movement speed is 60 feet forwards or backwards but 100 feet sideways. It is airtight and can withstand great pressures and heat, including molten stone, although this may heat up the interior to dangerous levels. The tunneler has an AC of 16, 300 HP, is considered a Gargantuan creature, and has a reach of 20 feet. It can be used to attack with its claws twice at +6 for 3d8+8 half slashing half bludgeoning damage. It has grasping arms, used as free actions, on either side that can also be fitted with any tool a humanoid could wield. Underworld Tunnel is controlled at its front room’s panel; it can only perform one action, one move action, and one free action each round.

Part XV will be the final post in this series, completing all the items I had brainstormed.