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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part X)

Sorry for the delay, but here is the next score of miscellaneous magical items. I've almost got my draft done for my second hex over at Tenkar's Landing, so I'll be posting that up soon.

Part IX is here.

Planar Gates, Minor  38000

Iron banded, silver rings open to about 5 feet in diameter and can be collapsed to as small as a 6 inch diameter ring. When a small ring is slide into place, this pair of Planar Gates are connected. Gazing through the faintly milky film, one can see through the other portal. Anything that passes through this film is teleported to the other gate, as if the two were seamlessly connected. The portals only function when on the same plane as one another. The portals conserve any movement of the object through the portal, using the control rune as a reference point.

Planar Gates 60000

Large etherium plated, steel rings, can be opened up to a maximum of a 10 feet diameter function as portals between one another or collapsed down to as little as a 1 foot diameter. When both rings are activated by twisting a runed band inward, they are separated by a thin film of water-like energy. Anything passed through one portal appears out the other, as if the two were separated by only the thin film, no matter their physical distance apart.  The portals cannot be deactivated while anything is inside. Planar Gates can even function across from one plane into a bordering plane such as the material plane into the astral plane or the astral plane into the plane of fire.

Planar Gates, Greater      90000

The fully etherium ring of a Greater Planar Gate can be opened up to a staggering 20 foot diameter or as small as a 1 foot diameter ring. The rings are activated by turning the control rune inward, and this serves as the reference point for objects moved between the two portals. The gates function across any distance or number of intermediary planar boundaries.

Portable Hole 4200

Black circular piece of tarp four feet in diameter. Placed on a surface, it creates a hole four feet deep. If this is enough to reach to the other side, it does. If not, it creates a portal to a four foot deep, four foot diameter extradimensional space. This extradimensional space is affected by the gravity of the material plane while it is place, take care placing this on walls and ceilings.

Prayer Beads, Lesser      10000

The finely polished, mixed wood beads on this plain leather strap can be embraced with a prayer to perform minor miracles. The Lesser Prayer Beads allows it wearer to request the aid of their deity once between each short rest to perform an effect a 4th level or lower spell could accomplish, with the chance of such an event equal to twice the number of remaining beads. This can be done as a free action. Even if the miracle does not occur, the next short rest must include some prayer or offering to the user’s deity. For more immediate effects, a bead can be removed and grasped tightly to create a powerful healing effect. This healing generates 5d8+15 hit points to be spread around to any number of creatures within 60 feet. Those creature’s graver injuries are also healed as if they had received professional care and bed rest for a number of days equal to the healing points they receive. Points of healing can be alternatively spent in 10 point increments to create Lesser Restoration or Remove Curse effects on one of those creatures. A Lesser Prayer Beads has 20 beads when it is created.

Prayer Beads 20000

These ten, well varnished wooden beads hang from a silver thread. As a free action, they can be used to request aid from one’s deity to perform an effect a 6th level or lower spell could accomplish. As a free action, this can be done once between each short rest. The percent chance of intervention is equal to four times the number of remaining beads. The beads can be removed and crushed in hand to prduce a healing effect. This generates 10d8+30 hit points which can be spread in whatever manner the user chooses across any number of creatures within 60 feet. Alternatively, the healer can spend 10 points apiece to create a Lesser Restoration or Remove Curse. They may also spend 50 of those healing points to cast Revive. Creatures healed by this effect also have their graver injuries healed as if they had healed under the guidance of a skilled healer for a number of days equal to the hit points healed.

Prayer Beads, Greater     40000

The Greater Prayer Beads are a necklace of ten wooden beads on a ghostly, almost invisible string. Grasping the beads, the wearer can attempt to call a divine favor once between each short rest to create any effect an 8th level or lower spell could create. The percentage chance of this favor occurring is equal to five times the number of remaining beads. Like it’s lesser cousins, the beads may also be removed and crushed to create a healing effect. The beads from the greater version generate 20d8+60 hit points and can be spent in the same way as the Prayer Beads. In addition, the wearer may spend 120 healing points to cast True Resurrection. Creatures healed this way also heal up long term injuries as if they had been tended by a healer for as many days as hit points healed. Creatures healed in this way gain resistance to all damage for one minute.

Prophet's Crystal Ball     90000

A Prophet's Crystal Ball is an unwieldy, 3 foot sphere of clouded glass. When it is used as the focus in any divination ritual, the ritual is cast in half the time and with advantage on any rolls made for it. During the full moon, peering deep into the swirling misty glass allows one a vague knowledge of their possible future, allowing them some leverage in manipulating it. The player gives the Dungeon Master a short phrase that will be incorporated into their near future. It is said to reveal the cause of one’s death when the light of a blood moon shines upon it. The death seen here is unavoidable, even if the actual realization of this death comes from an unexpected angle.

Psionic Paper   3000

Psionic Paper alters itself to suit it’s master’s wishes. Once one gains attunement with the paper, they can alter it at will. If copying a known paper, book, scroll, or document, better memory and knowledge of the original improves the copy. If creating or falsifying a document, creativity and attention to detail determine how convincing the fake is. The Psionic Paper cannot mimic magical properties.

Pugilist's Bands     23000

These two brass knuckles fit comfortably in the hand. Once worn, the wearer feels a strong aversion to covering their torso where unnecessary, wielding weapons, and to cowardice. The bands induce chest hair growth and keep the wearer comfortable even in abnormal temperatures. While worn, Pugilist’s Bands return the wearer to their peak physical condition, restoring any age losses, and improving their physique greatly, with a +4 bonus to strength, constitution, and dexterity. The wearer’s mind is filled with knowledge of the fighting style of pugilists, where one trades blows with a single opponent. The wearer may make a single, unarmed melee attack with their fists with a bonus to attack and damage. This attack deals +3d6 damage and gets a +3 bonus to attack, but no other attacks can be made before or after this attack. Against the last creature the wearer attacked, they gain +3 to AC and saves.

Puresight Lantern 31000

Casting the green light of this lantern reveals any illusions, invisibility, blinking, blurring, or any other effect that would be revealed by True Sight. The range of this lantern’s light is a 60 ft cone. The lantern does not provide illumination, but allows everything in its ‘light’ to be seen regardless of light levels or magical obscuring.

Quickstep Drums   5000

Cheetah skin, spotted yellow and black, is stretched over an acacia wood drum. Playing the Quickstep Drums as a free action confers a +10 foot movement speed bonus, a +2 bonus to initiative (changing the current initiative order), and providing a +1 bonus to attack and damage for each 10 feet moved in that round, to a maximum of +4. These bonuses apply to all allies within 60ft that can hear the beating drum. The effects last for one round after the player stops hitting the drum for each point of charisma modifier the drum-player has.

Repelling Stones    50

Repelling Stones are small grey stones that fit in the palm of the hand. The pair is lashed together by three inches of twine string. They push apart with a Strength score of 16, less twice the distance between them in inches, to a minimum strength score of zero.

Ring Blade      1500

This innocuous iron ring is able to alter its appearance and size to match any style or shape of ring on any finger, toe, ear, or other piercing. Whispering its command word extends a blade of force out from the ring, usable as if it were a +1 dagger. Repeating the command word ends the effect. Code phrases vary depending on their clandestine use, but might include, “Unsheath”, “Shhh”, or even “There are daggers in men’s smiles”.

Ring of Backstabbing     9000

This black leather ring fits on easily, but chokes down tightly one the worn finger. When attacking with advantage, the Ring of Backstabbing gives +1 to attack and +1d6 damage. When attacking an unaware foe or one that has not yet acted in combat, it grants a +1 to attack and a +1d6 to damage.

Ring of Climbing     1000

The Ring of Climbing provides advantage on climbing checks and on any rope use roll related to climbing. It also reduces fall height by 10ft for purposes of taking damage.

Ring of Counterspells     3000

A Ring of Counterspells is a tri-colored band of ceramics swirls with reds, blues, and yellows. One spell can be cast into the ring to permanently key the ring to counterspell that spell. This effect also functions against any natural counterspells, such as a Light spell against a Darkness spell. In addition, when counterspelling, this ring treats the spell used to counter as one level higher.

Ring of Elemental Absorption 75000

Like the ring of elemental resistance, the Ring of Elemental Absorption is keyed to one element. When struck by its type, the ring converts any damage of that type into half as much healing instead. It is an intricate ring, with a gold band and spiraling gold swirls extending up the whole finger, moving with the wearer.

Ring of Elemental Command 100000

This platinum ring is set with many gems and is built in a fashion to appear as interlocking platinum plates, almost a plate mail but for the finger it is worn on. The largest gem at the base of the finger flashes occasionally. Each of these rings is tied to a particular element, represented by the color of its gems. This ring makes its wearer immune to the effects of its chosen element and automatically make their saves against any elemental effect of that type, unless they choose to lower this immunity in any particular case. In addition, the ring can perform a number of element related abilities. As an action it can shoot blasts of elemental energy of its type at will for 4d6+4 unavoidable damage of its type, as Magic Missile. Also, the ring wearer may, as an action, shape, alter, extinguish, and control the area of effect of any ongoing effect of the corresponding element: moving it up to 30 feet each round, modifying its total area of effect down to 0 or up to twice its maximum size, or extinguish the effect as Dispel Magic case as a 6th level spell. Each element type has an associated group of spells that it can cast from three times each day. Acid: Cold: Electricity: Fire: Force: Necrotic: Radiant: Sonic:

Ring of Elemental Resistance 8000

Keyed to one particular element upon its creation, this ring grants resistance to its elemental damage type and advantage on saves against that elemental type. Its gem, seated in a silver band, corresponds to its element: ruby gem for fire resistance, diamond for radiant damage, etc.

Part XI is now up!

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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part IX)

Another 20. Check out the last 20 in Part VIII.

Miner's Hope 2500

A Miner’s Hope is a two part pair, consisting of a pinewood coffin singed to display a crossed pick and shovel, and a bronze medallion. When clutched tightly, its wearer is teleported to the inside of the coffin. The coffin must be within 500 ft. and empty, otherwise the medallion warms but does nothing. The medallion is left behind when the user teleports. Inscribed on the ridge of the medallion is, “Do not fear the dark; for it visits every night while we dream”.

Mining Rod     5000

This well-worn, walnut rod is based with a cast-iron handle wrapped in tattered leather. Pointing the Mining Rod at earth or stone while squeezing the handle tightly digs through a five foot diameter circle of natural stone or earth, depositing the debris behind the wielder as loose gravel. It can dig up to 100 feet each day this way. Against worked stone, reinforced earth, or otherwise strengthened earth and stone, it costs twice as many feet to dig a hole only two feet in diameter. Any ores are chunked into gravel as well, but unnatural or foreign material is left untouched by the digging.

Minion's Glass Eye   3000

Minion’s Glass Eye is a pair of matched monocles. Looking through one sees instead what the other monocle is viewing. This only functions if both monocles are worn. Most Minion’s Glass Eyes are one-directional, with one monocle inscribed, “Master”, and the other “Servant”. Only the “Master” monocle can see what the other sees, and the “Servant” monocle acts just as a normal monocle would.

Mournwood Harp    2500

This harp, when played, dampens creatures’ mood. When played as a move action each round, and for one round after, it impedes all creatures with an intelligence score within 30 ft that can hear it with a -2 penalty to hit and to damage. Morose, lethargic emotion washes over the affected creatures. It can also be used to create a Calm Emotions spell twice a day. After the second use, the harps notes carry no more magical sadness until the following day.

Necklace of Fireballs       3000

The Necklace of Fireballs is a golden beaded necklace. The beads can be pulled free easily without disrupting the chain. There are thirteen beads on the necklace, of various sizes. The largest bead is in the middle, with successively smaller beads wrapping outward along the chain. The middle orb is three times the size of the two outermost. These golden orbs act as a Fireball when tossed up to 60 feet away, dealing fire damage based on their size. The largest bead deals 9d6 damage in a 20 ft. radius, with each successively smaller bead dealing 1d6 less damage. The necklace also passively protects against cold and fire damage, reducing those two types of damage against the necklace wearer by an amount equal to the number of beads remaining on the necklace.

Oasis Staff      3000

This sandstone staff topped with palm fronds is keyed to no particular race but provides a bonus spell slot of the third highest level available to its wielder while they are in a desert or similar environment. The wielder of this staff can go twice as long without food or water. Tapping this staff thrice on the ground while under the sun grows the staff into a tall palm tree, providing a 10 foot radius of cool shade. It can be shrunk back down to a staff by rapping thrice on its trunk. A spell caster using this staff can cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell slot: Create or Destroy Water, Purify Food and Drink, and Gust of Wind.

Oracle Staff    15000

The Oracle Staff is a twisting, fogged-glass staff topped with a claw holding a clear glass orb. Blind spell casters that wield this staff gain a bonus spell slot of the highest spell level they can cast. In addition, the wielder of this staff gains blind-sense out to 15 feet. A spell caster using this staff may cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher level spell: True Strike, Sanctuary, Zone of Truth, Remove Curse, Speak with Dead, and Locate Creature.

Orcish Staff    7000

This is a shepherd’s crook with broken blade shards lashed to face inwards on its hook end. It grants a bonus spell slot of the highest level for orcs and half-orcs that wield it and lets the user cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher spell slot: Hunter’s Mark, Shatter, Haste, and Dominate Beast. In addition, as an action done by pulling the jagged crook around a creature’s neck, it can be used to force a helpless creature make a Constitution save (DC 15) or die, with a successful save instead dealing 3d6 slashing damage. This cannot be done to creatures lacking anatomy or that are immune to critical hits. If the wearer would be reduced to 0 hit points or fewer, they stay at 1 hit point for one more turn than normal before succumbing to those wounds and dropping to 0 hit points. Additional wounds still affect them normally and can still drop them before they can act.

Owl Eye Necklace   7000

An Owl Eye Necklace holds a round gem with diamond-shaped iris gently in its copper chain. It provides a bonus to both intelligence and wisdom, a +2 bonus to each. It also allows the perfect recall of written or oral information encountered up to two days prior. This might allow the wearer to perfectly reproduce a language unknown to them for someone else to translate, for instance. The wearer wins any ties in initiative.

Owl Eye Necklace, Greater      18000

A large concave gem bearing a diamond-shaped iris sits on this thin gold chain. The Greater Owl Eye Necklace provides a +4 bonus to both intelligence and wisdom. Its wearer can perfectly recall anything seen or heard in the last month. By pressing the gem against another creature’s forehead, the wearer can impress a chosen memory into that creature’s mind, bypassing any chance of miscommunication. The wearer rolls initiative and perception checks at advantage and wins any ties.

Pain Glyph

A slate stamp, the Pain Glyph can be used to place stamps. Up to three stamps can be placed each day, with up to 5 at any one time remaining active. Newer stamps replace older ones if this maximum is reached. Once a stamp is placed, all other creatures within 20 ft of the stamp suffer needling of their nerves for a -1 pain penalty on all rolls. This effect lasts for 1 round after the creature leaves the area of effect. Placing stamps to overlap increases the penalty by 1/2 (round down), adds 10ft to the radius, and the effect lasts for an additional 2 rounds after the creature leaves. The stamps last as long as they remain legible, until new ones are made, or 1 day, whichever comes first.

Pale Blue Ioun Stone       9000

The pale blue cube floats just above the shoulders of its user. This stoic cube provides a +2 bonus to strength.

Pale Green Ioun Stone    25000

Meandering just above the surface of its wearer’s clothes, the Pale Green Ioun Stone provides a +1 luck bonus on all d20 rolls until it is retrieved and put away. It hides up sleeves, in pockets, and under hats, reappearing with a warm touch after danger passes.

Pale Lavender Ioun Stone 20000

This lavender tetrahedron, the Pale Lavender Ioun Stone, absorbs spells of 4th level and lower targeting the wearer. It absorbs 25 spell levels, gradually picking up rotational speed until it hits 25, after which it accelerates uncontrollably until it vanishes with a blur.

Pearl of Power, Lesser  500

Once per day, this dull-grey pearl can be touched to restore the use of one spell slot of 2nd level or lower.

Pearl of Power 4000

A Pearl of Power is a polished white pearl that just fits comfortably in a human palm. Twice each day, this pearl can be touched to restore the use of one spell slot of 4th level or lower

Pearl of Power, Greater   20000

The Greater Pearl of Power is a shiny black pearl about the size of a fist. Thrice each day, this pearl can be touched to restore the use of one spell slot of 6th level or lower.

Pearly White Ioun Stone 10000

The clear white sphere of the Pearly White Ioun Stone flits to and fro around the user, like a hummingbird seeking nectar. The wielder of the stone regenerates slowly, healing 1 hit point each minute and regaining two hit dice after each short rest. In addition, the owner rolls death saving throws with advantage. If using Death and Dismemberment rules, roll those results twice and take the better of the two results.

Pendant of Nine Lives     9000

A Pendant of Nine Lives is a black obsidian and white ivory spotted cat idol suspended from a golden twine thread. If the wearer would die; instead, they are returned to life with 1/10th of their hit points, rounded up, restored. They are whole and unharmed, no matter what the cause of their untimely demise. This pendant can be used nine times before it crumbles into dust, with a sad meow.

Pink Rhomboid Ioun Stone     9000

A Pink Rhomboid Ioun Stone’s flat shape hovers over a vital point, giving the illusion of protection. Its wearer gets a +2 bonus to their constitution.

The next 20 is right here.

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Thaumaturgy, Trinkets, and Tools (Part VIII)

Man, it's been a long day of buses, planes, rental cars, and troubleshooting industrial glue-mixers, but I managed to scrape this together. I'm hoping you came from Part 7, but if you're new, feel free to comment below or share this with your favorite DM.

Jester's Tights  300

These skin-tight, bright-green tights let their wearer cast Minor Illusion 3/day and Silent Image 1/day.

Ki-Focused Gloves   4000

Ki-Focused gloves are made from dirtied and worn cotton cloth strips wrapped carefully around the hands or feet of martial artists. The wearer gains two Ki each day, and can spend one Ki to gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage with unarmored strikes until the end of their turn. Each additional point increases the attack and damage of those attacks by a consecutively increasing bonus. 2 points for a +3 bonus, 3 points for a +6 bonus, to a maximum of 4 points for a +10 bonus.

Kobold Staff   4000

Lashed to this large reptilian bone is a single kobold skull, its eye sockets stuffed with slowly burning incense. This staff grants a bonus spell slot of the highest level for kobolds and it lets its user cast the following spells using an equivalent or higher level spell slot: Grease, Cloud of Daggers, Fly, Wall of Fire. The wielder of the Kobold Staff may set traps at only 80% of their normal cost in materials and time, and those traps deal an additional damage per damage die.

Land Ship 50000

A large, steel-prowed, oak cog plows through the dirt like a ship in the water, blown forward by its large white sails. It has space for a prow mounted ballistae and an archer post on the rear. Its starboard and port sides have ports for rowers to stick its long metal oars into the earth below, to row as easily as through water. It passes through stone walls and hills as if they were waves, going over them if they are too large to push through.

Lavender and green Ioun Stone      40000

A Lavender and Green Ioun Stone absorbs spell levels of any spell cast on the wearer while it circles them, absorbing 50 spell levels before imploding in on itself with a *POP*.

Levitating Boots     9000

Levitating Boots are metal bottomed knee-high boots. On the right boot there is a red, blue, and white tri-color dial. Pulling this dial out engages a levitation effect. When the white dial, the default, is flipped up, the boots levitate at their current height, unable to fall below as if a plane of force extends flatly beneath the height at which the dial was pulled. Flipping the blue portion to face upwards causes that plane to drop slowly, at 10ft each round. The red face reverses this effect, raising the user up by 10ft each round. The boots can only hover up to 30 feet above a solid or liquid surface. Heights beyond this limit cause the boot’s dial to pull in, dropping the wearer. The dial can only be pulled up when the user stands still on a solid surface. Pressing the dial back in disengages the levitation effect. All of these button presses can be performed as a free action.

Living Rope    4500

Living rope is a twined mix of white silk and beige twine that spirals pleasingly together. The rope is 100 feet long and is magically animated with the intelligence and demeanor of a friendly and loyal, though water avoidant, cat. It is well trained and obeys its owner. It can spring itself up to attach to points 100 feet up or across, tie and untie itself, move or climb at 10 feet each round, and coil itself neatly. It weighs 5 pounds and purrs softly when coiled around its owner.

Luckstone      17000

This flat piece of basalt slightly larger than a coin grants a +1 bonus to all D20 rolls its holder makes. It need only be somewhere on ones person and if it would be accidentally dropped or purposefully stolen, it will fortuitously remain on its owner’s person until they willingly give it up. It can get quite odd in how it keeps showing up.

Mage's Hand 1000

A mummified hand of an uncautious former apprentice or robbed from the corpse of a dead spell-caster, the Mage’s Hand grants its wearer some minor magical abilities. It is worn on a thin chain around the neck. The wearer can cast prestidigitation at will as a free action, can lift/manipulate/move an object no heavier than 5 pounds at a distance of 30 ft, and can receive the benefits of an additional magic ring worn on one of its desiccated fingers.

Magic Tome, Lesser 4000

The Lesser Magic Tome is decorated with a silver relief depicting a frail old man searching through a large library. The leatherbound spellbook can store many written spells on its 150 pages. It is resistant to non-magical damage including such things as natural fire or acid. It has 20 hit points. Most importantly, folding a scroll into the back of the tome stores it for instant recall. Scrolls cast from this spellbook can be copied into the written portion of the tome after being cast instead of being completely consumed, vice-a-versa for being able to cast a scroll after copying it into ones this tome. Up to 10 levels of scrolls can be stored in the back pages of this spellbook.

Magic Tome   9000

Like it’s lesser cousin, the Magic Tome can store many spells and scrolls inside. It has 200 pages magically sized to fit inside this handheld tome and can store up to 30 levels of scrolls accessible instantly. The gold engravings set in this thick, leather-bound book depict a robed man reading atop a stack of books and papers while zombies climb up this sides of the stacks. In addition to its greater capacity, it has a 2 in 6 chance of copying any scroll that is stored to allow it to be cast a second time before being consumed. A Magic Tome is immune to non-magical damage and resistance to magical damage, and has 40 hit points. Each scroll used with this tome can be both cast and learned before it is consumed.

Magic Tome, Greater 20000

This book is nigh immune to damage, only epic creatures, artifacts, and spells of 9th level or higher can damage this tome, and it still has resistance to such damage and 100 health. The Greater Magic Tome has an infinite number of pages for writing on. In addition, it can store up to 100 levels worth of scrolls for instant access, with a 3 in 6 chance of allowing a stored scroll to be cast twice. The cover is an elaborate, platinum leaf inlay depicting a wizard, bag stuffed with parchments and scrolls, deflecting a roaring silvery dragon-blast and shimmering balor’s sword strike with one dismissive hand while the other hand rummages through his papers at his waist.

Magician's Wand    200     

A Magician’s Wand is a knobby-wooden wand that allows its wielder access to one additional cantrip of each spellcasting class list that they have access to.

Magma Saucer 20000

An endless supply of hot lava can be poured forth or ladled from this obsidian saucière. The handle is insulated from the heat, but the container itself is extraordinarily hot, dealing 2d6 fire damage on a touch to unprotected handlers. The poured lava deals 1d6 fire damage each round, cumulatively building for each round it continues to be poured, to a maximum of 6d6. The lava cools quickly, decreasing by 1d6 worth of damage after a number of minutes has passed equal to the number of dice it is currently dealing. (6d6 drops down to 5d6 after six minutes, then drops again after 5 minutes, then after 4 further minutes, etc). Water of sufficient size cools the lava almost instantly, decreasing its damage over rounds instead of minutes.

Medusa's Gazing Lens   100000

These goggles are made from the petrified eyeballs of a Medusa, with a master jeweler cutting their irises razor thin to glass-like transparency. This ‘glass’ is suspended in a tightly fitting leather head wrapping, holding the lenses just over the wearer’s own eyes. The wearer gains darkvision and is immune to gaze attacks. In addition, while worn, the goggles perform the gaze attack of a Medusa, forcing creatures, within a 60 ft cone in the direction the wearer is facing, to make a Constitution save (DC 13) at the beginning of their turn or become paralyzed for 1d6 rounds. Such paralyzed creatures must make a second Constitution save at the beginning of their next turn or turn to stone permanently. The wearer is not immune to their own gaze returned on highly reflective surfaces such as mirrors,  well polished steel, or a still pool of water. If the wearer shuts their eyes, the Medusa effect ends temporarily. It takes 2 full rounds to don or remove these goggles.

Messenger Cap         200

Putting a written note in this hat, which can be of any type or make, teleports it to the inside of another, known Messenger Cap chosen by the sender. Magical scrolls and notes containing more than 13 words cannot be transferred. Messages take a full minute to arrive (or return, indicating the chosen recipient’s hat no longer exists) and new messages cannot be sent until this occurs.

Metamagic Rods:

Metamagic rods all look very similar, each having small magical markings indicating the metamagic enhancing effect that they can induce. The rods effect is decided when they are enchanted. The number preceding the metamagic effect is its price multiplier, with weaker effects costing less and stronger ones costing more.

(x1.0) Empower: This improves any variable, numeric effects by 50%.

(x0.75) Enlarge: The area of effect of this spell is doubled.
(x0.75) Extend: The duration of this spell is doubled.
(x1.5) Maximize: All variable, numeric effects are at their maximum possible.
(x1.0) Reach: The spell’s range increases by one step: personal, touch, close, medium, and far.
(x0.75) Silence: The spell is cast without any verbal components.
(x0.75) Still: The spell is cast without an somatic component.
(x1.0) Substitution: Change the damage type of the spell to another damage type, including nonlethal damage.
(x2.0) Quicken: The spell is cast as a free action. Only one quickened spell can be cast each round.

Metamagic Rod, Lesser 8000

This small silver rod allows its wielder to cast three, 4th  level and below spells under the influence of its associated metamagic effect each day.

Metamagic Rod, Minor   3000

A Minor Metamagic Rod is a small copper cylinder allows its wielder to cast three, 2nd level and below spells under the influence of its metamagic each day.

Metamagic Rod 18000

A small gold rod, the Metamagic Rod allows its wielder to cast three, 6th level and below spells under the influence of its associated metamagic each day.

Metamagic Rod, Greater 50000

The Greater Metamagic Rod is a small, but somehow imposing bar of platinum. It allows its wielder to cast three, 8th level and below spells under the influence of its metamagic each day.

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