Thursday, February 12, 2015

Mythoard: Bigby's Unboxing Hand

Between lots of travel and *cough* procrastination, I'm finally getting around to showing off what came in the mail for me from Mythoard, a monthly subscription for fantasy gaming materials, maps, and swag. For the $20 (less a discount for signing up for a 3 month block), you too can sign up to get a monthly package of gaming goodness. They've got open slots for February so its not too late! Also, they've begun doing Megahoard, which is a larger package sent to a small number of lucky winners randomly chosen from among all subscribers. You can see who won, what suppliers are coming in this month, and more by visiting the Mythoard website.

Let me cast Bigby's Unboxing Hand and get to showing off the goods. In total, this month has definitely seen an increase in production quality and value, most likely owing to Mythoard really ramping up their subscriber base and purchasing power. I foresee it only going up from here.

 The Powers That Be is a small booklet with pictures of the same style and quality as the cover throughout this book detailing numerous dieties, demi-gods, and powerful mortals that you can use in your own fantasy games. It is fairly system neutral and gets in a lot of flavor without walls of text.
 This neat little folder held my Mythoard newsletter and has a Dyson's Dodecahedron's map on the back. One can always use more maps, especially where that one(?) does lots of sandboxing and hex crawls.

 The Creature Decks are my favorite addition to this month's hoard. It is a full-color, 52 card deck of monsters across a broad spectrum of fantasy/mythology archetypes. On the back of each card is a system neutral description of the monster's abilities and tactics. They are both beautiful and useful for a sandboxing DM such as I.

Lastly, I got this little gnome along with a button and a d4 and d8 (the dice I need most, btw). Once I get my Reaper Bones Miniatures Kickstarter package, I'll be painting and basing this guy.

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