Sunday, February 15, 2015

Giant's Bay Map Upload

Here are the clean maps, hand drawn for Giant's Bay. I'll be following this post up with the completed hex 22.13 with all its descriptions. Feel free to use these images in your games as you see fit.

The six mile hex of Giant's Bay. Now with river and lake names.

Here is the Goliath Mill, where giant lumberjacks bring there felled redwoods for trimming and shipping down or up the river to the other towns.

Mill-Kin, as its name suggests, is the home of the many giants that work the mill. The lumberjacks and mill workers often work multiple day long shifts, so the village is mostly empty during the week, save a few children, the elderly, and a handful of giants working to tend and maintain the village.

Hillbrook is a small village that is the gathering and central hub of the many rancher families of the giant buffalo herds to the south and west. It has a small garrison of warriors to scout the land and deter cattle rustlers. 

Rieseburg is a thriving town located on a calm harbor that recieves its redwood lumber from up the river. It makes good money from selling finished lumber goods and ships, and has attracted so many humanoids that their population is exploding, worrying the giant's that call this place home. Its market features rotating foreign merchants and has many goods available for sale.

The three sisters are a grouping of mysterious stone chalices in a small clearing to the north of this hex. Their powers deal with liquids poured in their basins but their purpose and the meaning of the words carved into the stones circling them are unknown, but often guessed at.

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