Friday, March 6, 2015

Mythoard: DC 10 Unboxing Check (Success)

In continuing with tradition, here is a post detailing what I received in my monthly Mythoard for February. I've still got one month left on my 3-month subscription, but Mythoard will be opening up the subscriptions to non-subscribers tomorrow, on the 7th, if you want to get in on this. It is $25 a month and I know that it has already exposed me to resources, authors, and tools that I never would have thought to buy for myself. Plus its like a mini-Christmas every month (insert your own favorite gift-receiving holiday). I want to see them do really well (and not just because I have the idea of maybe one day getting something I write in one).

Here is a cool looking poster advertising "Beyond the Wall", it even includes a QR code for a discount. My only criticism is that I'd like it if the information/QR code was on a separate sheet so that this could be used as a nice poster/setting picture.

A quick creature card with stats and flavor text for a small fey.

Not shown is the actual links for download, but Corporia sounds very engaging from this elevator pitch. I'm going to get this and may do a review at some point in the future. They're having a GM's Day Sale if you want to pick it up for only $6.99.

A quick one-page dungeon style document detailing a quickie-adventure I'll be holding on to if I need to run a quick side-adventure at a moment's notice.

On the back of this months newsletter is a nice town map. This is also going into my growing map collection.

I was going to just skim this to get a feel for it, but it's unique, creepy environment sucked me and before I knew it, I had read the whole thing. It is moderately short, but very dense in material that can be cut up, reused, and re-purposed quite easily. I know I'll be drawing on some of the characters and encounters from the Bizarre Tales in my future campaigns.

From a quick skim, False Promises has nice maps, tables, and plenty of detail in its quick adventure path. It is rather longer and less dense than Bizarre Tales, but it has some towns and maps I'll be calling upon when I don't feel like designing my own. 

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