Wednesday, November 12, 2014

My Uber Talented Fiance...

She went and made a bunch of crazy awesome stuff. First off are two gifts she made for her brother for his birthday. He is a huge MTG fan. I'll humbly admit I gave her the idea for these. Here is a black lotus of the power nine variety made out of pistachio shells, hot glue, and paint.

The second is a collage of lands she made when I gave her free run of my trash cards. She made it to be framed but I could see the same pattern making a sweet mouse-pad, gaming table, or coaster. It is lengthwise-cut cards, arranged diagonally, glued down, and then sealed with Mod-Podge. Here are some other cool crafts you can do with MTG cards.

Lastly, she made me a full beard for my Halloween Costume. The yarn was soft and fuzzy, which she used to make a face mask to tie the beard threads to. I was a street wizard.

Casting Cone o' Cold like a sleet wizard.
All the enchantresses be like, "he such a sweet wizard"
I'm a street wizard. x2
No Bull's Strength, this all meat, wizard. *flexes biceps*
Droppin' Tasha's hard, like a beat wizard. *haha haha*
I'm a street wizard. x2
No forbidden schools to this complete wizard.
Hope you get to see this treat. Wizard, out. *drops mic*

If one of these projects is really interesting to you, leave a comment below and I'll ask her for more details to make a step-by-step instruction. I hope these projects give you some inspiration!

Not to mention that she has helped me out on my past crafting projects like my Dragonskin Mug or Painting up Itar's Workshop dungeon dressing. If she ever gets around to creating her blog, I'll link to it here.

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