Saturday, July 19, 2014

Itar's Workshop Dungeon Dressing (Part III)

Part II
Quick update to the dungeon dressing, I read various online sources using a polyurethane sealant to give the paint job and miniatures more durability. . The exact brand I used was Minwax water based Polycrilic protective finish, clear semi-gloss. Then I followed it up with a dull, light coat of a spray sealer, to dull the shine of the first coat and add a second protective coat.
 Note: In the future I would put my sealed miniatures, on parchment or wax paper. These ones pulled off a big of orange from the scrap paper I was using.
 A word of caution to check the weather before taking your stuff out to give a light spray coat. If you forget or the weather surprises you, don't worry the polyurethane will dry out pretty quickly.
 If I was to do all this over again, I would hold off on using any mod-podge to make areas shiny until after I sealed everything.

Below is a side project I wanted to try for an idea. I enjoy pistachios and sunflowers a great deal and have a good deal of shells. I wondered if I could make an interesting texture of them, and wondered how each of them would look.
 With a large hot glue gun, I glued on successive layers of shells.
 I gave them a base coat of black spraypaint.
 Now a layer of dark green as my base color and a darker green wash.

 Finally, I gave both the sunflower and pistachio scales a dry-brush highlight of a metallic green.

I thought the effect turned out really well, and it gave me a cool idea for a project. I chose the pistachio shells for that project, as they remind me more of dragon scale. The sunflower seeds trick is something I will keep in the back of my mind if I ever want to make a very nice lizard/snake scale.

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