A Step Forward: My Own Domain!

[Edited 8-5-19] I figure I should edit this post for anyone still finding this old site, but I have moved a second time. My new-new website is anarchydice.wordpress.com. I found it wasn't worth the extra cost and hassle of running a dedicated site so I stepped down to a free wordpress site. All my old posts should be imported there, notwithstanding the occasional broken image or link.

Sometime Friday night, I hit an astounding 10,000 views! While it may not be much, I am encouraged to keep at this blogging thing. Stepping up to the challenge, I am launching my own website, anarchydice.com. Head over there and resubscribe with that handy little 'W' button in the upper left tab.

My new logo!

Thank you so much for patronizing my humble blog, and I hope you found something written here valuable. There are grand plans in the works, and I feel that its time I start investing in my own domain and website. As big thank you, I'll be doing a third blog post a week on Fridays.

Part of those grand plans includes branching out. My first step is to create a couple Fiverr gigs where you can purchase some custom content. Your views and comments have been really appreciated. I cannot overstate how excited I am with where this whole thing can go!