Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Mythoard: Adventure Forth

Just got my July Mythoard in the mail, and I'm enjoying it while I sip some delicious homemade Umeshu (not included). I defitely needed this, as I've had some busy days moving furniture and getting a ton of my to-do list finished. 

With a slight USPS related mix-up last month, David promised to toss something extra my way this month to make up for it. He kindly tossed in that second undercroft book and two more magnetic flat minis (as far as I can tell). What a stand-up guy!

The Tunnels & Trolls adventure, Rat on a Stick, has probably my favorite meta-trap, the players have to save or sit around the stuffed-couch filled room. It even mentions rolling for wandering monsters, but that those monsters might succumb to the effect as well!

The Red Mausoleum is a solid, creepy-at-times adventure with a creepy Michael Jackson looking lich. This guy alone makes me want to run this adventure.

My favorite half-page binder map so far out of all the Mythoards. This ship-wrecked necromancer adventure has so many compelling hooks and story, that it feels like you're interrupting.

The Ancient Odysseys quick guide looked fun from the short read I did. I will be looking through some of its mechanics that caught my eye and possibly stealing them. We'll see. 

Here's a handful of blank, dungeon-morph coasters. The front side hosts 3"x3" tiles and the opposite is 1/4" x 1/4" gridded. Sitting on top is a handy little campfire plastic token and the two magnetic minis David threw in. I may touch the campfire up with some paint highlights, but it's cool!

Flipping through the Undercroft booklets and Mr. Scissor Beard here caught my eye. Who doesn't like it when a scissor muzzle dives down your throat to do your breathing for you? Items, organizations, places, and people just as gonzo/creepy as this fill this book. I will be reading these two many times.

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