Friday, May 8, 2015

Geomorph Design Contest: Hot Lava!

This week, the Inkwell Idea's geomorph contest finished its second round. While I was too busy to get these in before the deadline, I still wanted to ink up my sketches and post them for practice. The theme this time was Lava (leave your magma/lava semantics at the door). The next round will be centered around the secret ingredient: a shrine. Check out the previous round winners here

A lava dam with a shack at the top. Who could possibly live here?

Even golems and earth elementals need a drink and a meal after a long days work. Swing on by Clanky's Cavern for happy hour.

A devious trap filled room. Watch out for the lava jets, the lava filled trapdoor, and the dangling platform that will drop any jumpers into the lava below.

You can see more of my geomorphs here. I intend to submit three entries for every round this contest continues.

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