Thursday, April 23, 2015

One Page Dungeon Contest 2015: Hug & Carriage

With only one week left to submit, I've knuckled down and started putting my ideas to paper. Here are two sketches for a preliminary layout for my submission. Have you considered entering this year? If you are, and are looking for some proofreading I'd be happy to take a look.

Also, I reached 5000 views! Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet and I intend on only improving the quality and quantity of content here, so make sure to subscribe!

Hug & Carriage (A Working Title)

All the Count needed was a hug and he had a change of heart. Drive a carriage quickly up the treacherous and guarded roads to return the Count (inside his coffin) to his mansion before sundown or it will be too late to reverse his doomsday machine! Keep his coffin safe or the sun will destroy him. Be careful, he made sure his plans would not be foiled and instructed his minions to keep everyone out (even anyone who looks just like him!), no matter what. There's a fleet of carriages, plenty of skeletal minions, archers, thugs, knights, and even a wizard between you and the defeat of this dastardly machine.
 Will the players stick to the cobble road, risking more minions attacking them or will they try to speed through the rough gravel side roads through the forest and along the cliffs?

I'll be inking and fleshing this out some more over the weekend. I may even do some water colors...

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