Thursday, April 16, 2015

Geomorph Design Contest: Three Sketches

Inkwell Ideas is running a weekly contest for geomorphs. Seeing as I'm looking to build some more map drawing experience and wouldn't mind winning some dungeonmorph dice, I'm going to enter. Every other week will have a different secret ingredient  I drew up three sketches for the three entries you are allowed to make. Here's the key I'm using. I'll be inking these and posting them in my next post (after the 4/20 deadline). Check it out and try to win some dice!

A design for a mad emperor on a turning throne so he can watch all entrances or surround himself with more adoring subjects...

A cavern throne with an escape hatch under the heavy rug. A double portcullis trap pins foes down in range of the murder holes.

A punny twist on the 'throne' secret ingredient for this week, the 'ivory throne'. It is the nicest latrine, one fit for a king's royal behind. A small jail houses a secret exit in one of its cells.

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