Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Philosophy by an Untrained Idiot

Warning, philosophy post ahead! If you don't care, just ignore any post with the tag of "Philosophy by an Untrained Idiot".
Warning, philosophical ramblings by a relatively untrained philosopher. Treat with extreme caution, like you would for a student who has learned the scientific method would be treated in the physics lab. I say it that way, because the more I learn about philosophy, the more I come to see that there is a so much I don't know.
I've been there before...
It strikes as a weird that many people think they are authorities on ethics or philosophy. This would seem to me to be absurd for most other fields, like a layperson questioning quantum theory and being offended if you don’t take their unsupported rival theory seriously. Although I hear this happening to other fields, it seems an order of magnitude greater for philosophy and ethics. Ethics and philosophy not reached through a rigorous methodology should not be taken seriously. An untrained layperson can say they created a new circuit board, but they had better provide schematics and show their methods if they want to be taken seriously. No one would get offended if I told them that, either, but philosophy is somehow a field that everyone gets to have an opinion?
Unknown unknowns...

I like to think that I at least recognize how much of a lay person I am when it comes to this stuff and that I am mostly just spreading the word and utilizing methodology of people who have studied much longer at this than I, much like I follow electrical engineering text books detailing the works of Maxwell and his equations based all the hard work he has put in. If you don’t care about philosophy or my stupid opinion, I’ll always make sure to mark a post as "Philosophy by an Untrained Idiot". I hope the links and posts I put up will be helpful to at least one person.

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