Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Your own personal GM'ing program!

Hey you. Yes, you, internet person. I assume you are here because you are a gamer. I have been working to create a program to help me with my Game Mastery that gives me semi-random results when I need. This program helps me create more interesting games without having to spend time rolling and finding entries on a printed table.

GM Tools

 I want you to try it and then tell me what you want to see added. Then I will add it.

The more I work on this, the more I realize that keeping this program to myself will only hold me back. I need to escape my biases and preferences by getting as many of YOURS as I can. You don’t ever play fantasy games? Tell me so I can offer the option to make it science-y. Oh, you meant a low-tech, no magic, steam-punk world? Hmmm, that’ll take some working but you've given me some great ideas! Think the mutations are not nearly mean enough, or maybe you think they are too mean. Maybe my presentation is too detailed and you want me out of your way, you just want skeletons that you can flesh out. Perhaps you want the details completely sorted for you!

I want to hear about everything from new functions, to a change in user interface, or anything else you can think of! Feel free to post your ideas and criticisms here or email me americanjapanman at

As a side note, I am almost done painting some dungeon dressing, which I will be posting with links to all of the sites and blogs that helped me learn to paint them, if you are in the same boat. That and a super secret project that I'm not sure will work out well, but we shall see... 

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