Monday, May 26, 2014

One Page Dungeon Contest Results

The One Page Dungeon Contest judges have gotten back with their results. I did not win, but seeing the competition, that really does not surprise me. I would suggest giving them a look because there are some truly amazing ideas and designs, some that use different color lenses, others that are beautifully drawn, and all of them have crazy good designs. I am glad I worked to put forward an entry, and I can only hope to learn from their designs.

I would suggest perusing the winning entries, they have great ideas even if you do not end up running them (I know I want to utilize the multi-color lenses and walls of Urash Mhyrr).
PJ CunninghamAmid the Reapers Scattered Bones
Ramsey HongThe Crimson Maelstrom
P. Aaron PotterThe Crucible
Darren BellisleThe Devils Pitchfork
Will DoyleIsland of the Lizard God
Matthew AdamsThe Long Fall
Vance AtkinsThe Pyramid of Esslor
Lorenzo SantiniThe Revenge of Xarr-Zuul
Raphael SadowskThe Shattered Temple
GUS LThunderhead Manse
Michael WenmanUrash Mhyrr

I'm also in the middle of painting up a bunch of dungeon dressing, and I'll be posting pictures along with a step-by-step of miniature painting (with links to the much more experienced bloggers I got my ideas from).

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