Thursday, April 24, 2014

Recreational poisons by Race (Part I)

Coming up with flavor for drinks I enjoy really at the table (and in general) got me thinking about what those drinks say about me and by extension what the drink choice of the various races would say about them. So here's a list of the recreations that each race might find as an enjoyable way to introduce poisons into their bodies.


Elves are in general pretty fancy and snooty, at times. They like to keep with nature, fruit, and sweet things. They will enjoy a fine wine, which pairs nicely with their long, patient lifespans. For more exotic tastes, and for the more reckless among the youths, are the wild, mind altering mushrooms of the forests that "help you connect with nature and your ancestors".

Wild Elves

Wild-Elves are the elves that struck away from the civilized nature of their cousins, or simply never developed it and as such draw their recreational intoxicants directly from the nature around them. Wild elves in the forests marshes will enjoy a good psychotropic shroom. Those near the plains will grow, smoke, and use hemp. In more exotic local, wild-elves even traditionally lick poison frogs, eat hallucinatory cacti, or chew on trippy mosses.


Being the rough and tumble people they are, Dwarves look down on the weaker poisons of other races. If it doesn't burn, kick, or stink, it ain't worth it ta drink. They brew strong, bitter beers, and treat them like water. For times when they want to get tipsy, vodkas are fermented from the root vegetables that share the earth with the Dwarves. Although they won't admit it, Dwarves will enjoy a good psychotropic cave mushroom, just like their skinny forest friends from above. Diplomats between the two races are often well versed in both kinds of shrooms, for diplomacy of course.


Halflings are a simple, carefree race that take pleasure in both the journey and the destination of their intoxicants. Honey mead, tobacco pipes, and sweet tequila are enjoyed as a pastime from harvesting to processing, to imbibing. Halflings have something to share with just about everyone, and often save their best stuff to share with new friends.


Never just content with what works, especially not when it comes to two of their loves, alchemy and mind-altering, Gnomes have come up with a mind-boggling variety of intoxicants. Any given Gnomish home will have many alcohols, fruits, tonics, and tools to whip up a whole manner of their own invention. As a whole, they tend towards a good whiskey or rum, but love to mix in that energetic little bean, coffee. Take care when accepting a drink from a Gnome, you might get the most delicious drink you've ever tasted, or you might get a drink of almost pure alcohol with cayenne pepper mixed in.

Finished in part II.

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